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What's a Grixsen?

According to Grixsen Brewing Company's website, a Grixsen is "someone who believes in always giving an honest effort, to following the righteous path and to celebrate the uniqueness in everyone." And according to this wall, we should work hard, do the right things, and celebrate together.

I'm all for it! And so were some dear friends that I'd not seen in ages. Thank you, Ben, for suggesting we meet at Grixsen! I remember it opening three years ago, but I'd never made it down there. It's a wee brewery in Southeast Portland, just west of Ladd's Addition and just north of Division Street. But there are so many little breweries in Portland, and while I rarely miss word of a new one coming onto the scene, it sometimes takes me a while to get out to visit them. Such was the case with Grixsen, which slipped through the cracks. But I've amended that! And now that I've righted that slight, and I've enjoyed a pair of pints with friends, I can check off two of the three things on the list above. I didn't really work hard, though, in that instance. It was a pretty chill day, all told. Grixsen, it turns out, is a pretty chill place.

...with sports and art, which are things that I like...

...and a very cool logo, immortalized in metal...

...and beer!

Pictured above is Grixsen's English Bitter. I've been in the mood for beers that hover around 5% lately, so this was just the ticket. It was refreshing, but had that biscuity bite that I love from this style. Not a lot of small breweries will make an ESB. And even rarer, perhaps, is the elusive brown ale, which is also on their tap list. They've got the IPA box checked too, for sure. But Kudos to Grixsen for tackling a wide range of styles, and not shying away from the less common ones.

The taproom is large without feeling cavernous. Even though we were some of the only people there, in that giant space, it still felt intimate. It was a great place to catch up with friends, and will be again soon, I'm sure. We'll be back!

And it's a good reminder that as much as I get out to my favorite taprooms, there are always ones that I've never been to. I should make it a point to explore unfamiliar watering holes more frequently.

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