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I am a lover of craft beverages. Beer. Cider. Kombucha.


I live in the Pacific Northwest, a region that makes this stuff incredibly well.


I am not as discerning as some. I can't identify Idaho 7 by scent, or talk in depth about the tannins in Gravensteins. So why should you pay attention to what I drink and think, when there are so many connosieurs to consult?


What I've realized about my love of craft beverages is that for me, it's less about the nuances of flavor, and more about the people that make and serve it, and the places that they have found to do that. This website exists to document the journeys to these locations, and the conversations that follow. It is a celebration of community, and of travel.

My posts usually focus on a particular trip that I've made to a featured brewery or taproom along with a conversation I had with the brewers/proprietors. The length and subject matter of these interviews vary, but I'm chiefly interested in their process, how they got where they are with their business, and why they do what they do, and brew what they brew. Sometimes, I'm interested in the artists that have created the imagery that has made its way onto their walls, or onto their cans. And sometimes, I just want to hear a story they have, or to hear about a place they'd love to visit and what they might drink there. With this blog, I'm on a little adventure, sure of how I want to proceed, but always prepared for the unexpected. So hang out, and together, we'll see where this goes!



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